Goutham Reddy MD CEO

In the wake of this global crisis, we urge each one of you to stay home and stay safe so that we can successfully break the chain and prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are trying out best to make sure your surroundings are safe and we request you to do your bit to fight coronavirus in every way possible.

Goutham Reddy
   MD & CEO, Ramky Enviro


Our commitment to the cause

  • Additional benefits to its over 20,000 frontline employees and workers, including insurance and additional allowances worth INR 10 crores
  • Supporting local governments to combat the spread of the virus with 15,000 ground staff located in 25 major cities across India and 20,000 ground staff worldwide
  • Managing Waste collection, treatment and disposal of over 13,000 tonnes of municipal waste per day
  • Providing Biomedical waste management solutions for Hospital waste of over 30K healthcare establishments
  • All sanitation workers equipped with necessary personal protective equipment

A crisis is a part of life but managing every crisis with equal ability and effort is what makes our skills stand out. Today we face a global pandemic that’s taking lives and destroying economies but instead of being fearful, we are going to face it head-on and fight against coronavirus.

At Ramky Enviro, we are committed to the wellbeing of the community and of our health and sanitation workers who play a vital role to keep our surroundings safe and sanitised. As responsible, resilient citizens of our nation, we urge each one of you stay in for those who r #OutThereForYou!

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